It’s been a long time, hey?

Around 9 months ago the family and I packed the bags and left the sunny shores of Sydney to head back to the UK. After almost 4 years in the “Lucky Country” it was time to head home to the rest of the family, premier league football, warm beer and roast dinners.

Since I’ve been back, I got myself an awesome job, settled down in a little Hertfordshire town, had our little daughter Ebba and even got the dog from Sydney to the UK….via a 6 month stay in the South or France with my parents.

Anyway, now that explains to total lack of blogging activity, let me introduce you to the new home for Digiwedo. Although I loved my old blogger site, I figured it was time to move on and get a more professional looking platform for my thoughts….another reason it took me so long – finding the time to set it up.

I’m still making a few final tweaks to the site, so please go easy on me. Other that that, service will be resumed as normal – so please subscribe for your regular dose of all things social media, PR….with the odd bit of gadget and tech thrown in for good measure.