The Closet: Are you in or out?

I love it when I come across awesome web experiences, when a brand or agency produce something that is amazing to look at. I remember meeting a creative director for a sister ad agency and chatting about social media to him.

It was all a bit new to him, but he really wanted to understand more about it. One thing he said really stuck in my mind – “When I started in this industry, it was all about creating something so f**king beautiful that the audience not only didn’t mind that you were interrupting their TV, they actually thanked you for it.”

Not a lot has changed as far as that sentiment goes, except nowadays the audience is much larger and you need to engage with your audience. Which is why I love this new site from IKEA called Come into the closet.


First off, it’s absolutely beautiful, second it’s quirky and fun, thirdly it’s engaging. OK, there might not be too much depth to that engagement, but in this instance perhaps there doesn’t need to be